How to install your mosaic

We recommend that installation be done by an experienced professional tile setter.

If you should choose to install the mosaic yourself then we recommend you take note of the following:

  • The installation surface should be made level, clean and free of dirt and grease.
  • Proper substrate should be used, especially for flooring and shower installations. This will ensure that your investment in a mosaic will be guarded against structural faults and water damage. Plywood substrate may require a bonding agent.
  • A white thin set mortar should be used and applied with a 3mm – 6mm (1/8″ – 1/4″) notched trowel. Using grey mortar will stain light coloured marble when it is absorbed in the bonding process.
  • If your installation is on a vertical surface that will not be in contact with water, tile mastic may be used for the installation in place of mortar.
  • Once installed, your mosaic will need to be sealed with a high quality stone sealer and colour enhancer. This should be done both before and after grouting. Sealing the mosaic before grouting will protect the stone from discolouration and staining when installing dark coloured grout.
  • Because of the minimal spacing between the tesserae only non-sanded grout should be used.

Regardless of your installation type, we recommend reading and strictly following the adhesive manufacturer’s directions. Furthermore we cannot accept any responsibility for any materials not properly installed.

Mosaic Installation - trowel

Due to the nature of a hand crafted product you may experience some level of unevenness in the mosaic surface. This and non-uniform spacing between the tesserae is not considered undesirable, but rather the sign of a truly handcrafted mosaic. Your mosaic can also be brought to a high lustre by grinding and polishing with a series of diamond impregnated polishing wheels.

Mosaic Installation - care of your mosaic

Care of your mosaic

Like all natural stone finishes care should be given when cleaning your mosaic.

A specialised cleaner for marble and stone should be used as harsh chemicals and abrasives will cause damage to the stone and should be avoided. It is best that the final rinse after cleaning be done with clean water only, and dried with a clean soft cloth.

Proper care is an important part of preserving any stone surface and will assure a life time of beauty and satisfaction.

Click on the video for detailed instructions on how to install your mosaic piece.